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iconf is a command line tool to automate configuration file editting. it modifies plain text configuration files according to user defined configurations. it's written with flexibility in mind, so that it can be configured to edit different types of configuration files.

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welcome, homosapiens
    levitd - 2002-03-30 04:06   -   iconf
finally, we've got a web designer for the iconf homepage, homosapiens the new man. welcome again. i believe that the homepage will soon leave its current ugly look behind. thanks for joining, and hopefully, we'll do some nice things together.
iconf 0.3b released
    levitd - 2002-03-09 06:02   -   iconf
iconf 0.3b was released yesterday. it ain't something ground breaking, but it should be pretty useful and it's gradually improving. this is a source release that compiles on Linux, and is expected to compile and run on other Unices as well. a binary release for another popular operating system (you know which one, don't you?) may follow some time after this, if I have time for it.
iconf 0.2a released
    levitd - 2001-12-21 02:18   -   iconf
The second alpha release was done on the 18th. I went back to work on the source right after the release. So only now i'm making this announcement. Not too late, eh? I'll be writing some documentation in the next few days. Hopefully, the next release will come with man pages...
    levitd - 2001-12-11 16:51   -   iconf
i'm still working on the current tree. there's a strange, but reproducible bug on string handling. i'm hunting it down now, and the next beta will be ready when i get it fixed.
iconf 0.1a (win) released
    levitd - 2001-11-04 20:24   -   iconf
a much delayed release of pre-compiled windows binary. i decided not to compile it from the latest source, becoz i don't seem to have enough time to do the testing needed. anyway, give this a try, you windows people out there. remember that it's still in the alpha stage. so things might not look pretty, but it works.
coming next: a msdos/windows release
    levitd - 2001-10-29 00:25   -   iconf
i've been planning a release for msdos/windows. the 'iconf' codes are pretty much portable. i've tried to compile it with 'djgpp' running on a windows box. it compiles, tho' i needed to hard code a few program constants in a header, as i didn't have 'make' on that machine.
iconf : alpha 0.1a released
    levitd - 2001-10-21 18:24   -   iconf

i understand that there's always "one more" feature to code in before making a release. but i think it's now time for an alpha. most basic stuffs are already in, and there are a lot more going on in my mind.
we're getting there...
    levitd - 2001-10-15 06:45   -   iconf
i did some testing last night. it looks like the implemented stuffs are working fine, right now.

the coding itself isn't tough. the tough thing is to get down and write the docs... sigh. i don't think there'll be docs for the coming alpha. perhaps, we'll have some of them in the near future.
i gotta be patient
    levitd - 2001-10-13 20:43   -   iconf

i did something stupid, when i was importing the source tree to the CVS server yesterday. i forgot to clean up the source tree before importing! so there are a few unwanted files in the iconf/Attic directory. i swore that i won't be thaaat stupid since then.

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